Harnessing the Intentic Dimension | Instructor: Talitha Wall

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This course is the follow-up course to the Intentus Level 1 course. Aura Level 1, 2 and the Intentus Level 1 courses are all prerequisites for enrollment in the Intentus 2 course. You must email LMS to receive a link for enrollment once we have validated the completion of any prerequisites courses.

This course is designed to take the student master further into the anatomy of the Intentic dimension and soul intention, to challenge the student in becoming more stable in holding the Intentus as a "way of being" fully present to his/her life in the here and now. And by doing so, becoming a powerful, focused creator and potent presence in the physical world.

The Intentus 2 course work expands into the connection between ones personal blueprint and the structure and blueprint of others and the outside world. Student-master participants have the opportunity to explore into a deeper and more knowledgeable connection with self and the power of manifestation through full ownership of his/her deepest intentions.

This class takes the reality and understanding of potent, soul-level manifestation to another level! Think POSITIVE POWERFUL SELF(ISH)NESS

Students will be able to connect with one another and keep open dialog via an online forum. This also allows for the students to share and ask questions.

Talitha Wall
Talitha Wall
Director at Lionsgate Mystery School

Talitha Wall was born and raised in Texas. At the age of 5 she was already practicing Native American rituals with a medicine man named BearHeart who became like a grandfather to her. When she wasn't at school, playing on the greenbelt trails or in a dance class she was helping build sacred sweat lodges in the woods or accompanying her mother to regular psychic groups, all of which brought her great pleasure. By the age of 19 she began a rigorous, in-depth, 5 year training program for energy healing in Colorado. She considers those years as a student, and working side-by-side with the founder, as priceless. Talitha aspires to be a student first, as she believes the greatest knowing comes by living in the question. She continues her studies with two medicine men who call upon her when it is time to journey and study. One focuses the studies in the ways of the underworld and the other focuses upon the ways of the cosmos. Both teach in non-linear time and on the topic of the importance of letting go of the rational mind without abandoning the linear, physical dimension.

Talitha has had an international private healing practice for more than 16 years before choosing to take her teachings online. During that 16 year period she began teaching weekend workshops. She has now been teaching for 12+ years. She feels that healing and consciousness expansion/awareness is built into her core intention in life and therefore happens in conjunction with everything she puts her energy and awareness into.

Talitha is a healer and "teacher", but finds that those two things cannot be confined to her healing sessions practice or classes alone. When she's not in sessions or the classroom, she participates in collaborative art projects with others whom she finds inspiring and provoking, as well as working on documentary film projects of varying subjects. Talitha feels most in alignment when she is a channel for informing and inspiring positive change and expansion.

Talitha continues to maintain a centralized focus in bridging the seen and unseen worlds with a special interest and talent in multidimensional reality, but does not limit herself to one particular way of going about it. She feels that in the holographic model there is no one way to express something, but that anything can be expressed in every way.


"All that I create is born from desire...a desire to create space where the point is not to find answers, but to relax into mystery as a way of becoming one with the ever unfolding universe...To be undefinable with the definition of the human experience.

I do not believe in one religion, one way or one teaching. I do not believe in an outer authority. I do not give my power over to others and I deny any request from another to hold their power.

I do not want to be your teacher, indoctrinator or guru. I do not wish to be your inspiration. Let your souls' own uprising be your inspiration!

I simply wish to be a reminder. A reminder of your infinite being-ness...of your multi-dimensional capacity...of your truest nature. I want to serve as a reflection of your own knowing.

I do not own this knowledge or information any more than any one being can. How can one claim to own that which is infinite, that which is everything and no thing?

I cannot be your outer authority or your answer, but I am honored to serve as your reminder."

- Talitha Wall


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